Lotus Necklace


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The Genshai Sterling Silver Lotus Necklace is a shining symbol of spiritual awakening and the embodiment of the divine. The central petal, shaped as an ascending spear, represents the rise of the soul into higher consciousness, spiritual illumination, and individual alignment with Source. 

This necklace serves as a touchstone of spiritual growth, marking a significant moment in one’s journey when received, as it reminds us of the importance of transcending the dualities of the world and aligning ourselves with the Source of all creation.

Sterling Silver in color, representing the "middle way," or “gray areas” of life, where harmony and balance between opposing forces are achieved as one releases the limitations of the material world. This necklace serves as a constant reminder to hold this balance, to stay grounded in the present moment, and to maintain your personal connection with the divine.

The lotus flower is a revered symbol in many spiritual traditions and is often associated with the divine feminine. The flower grows in purity, elegance, beauty, and  grace mirroring the most sacred qualities of the feminine. It illustrates perfectly our surrender to love, and the emergence of the divine within. 

Just as the lotus grows from muddy waters to reach the surface and blossom in the light of the sun, the necklace symbolizes the journey of the soul and the transformation of the self.

Wearing this necklace is a powerful reminder of our connection to the divine and the limitless potential for spiritual growth and transformation. May it become a precious part of your life and bless you with the constant reminder of the divine presence within you.